Symptoms I have Experienced Further Explained.

This Post is Still a Working Progress, I decided to make it live while I will continue updating it over time as it is a lot to get out.


Symptoms I have experienced since stopping the contraception pill. 

  • Felt like death had warmed over for the first 8 months.

I thought I was going to die. I am not exaggerating here, I literally, full truth thought I was a goner. I was suffering from so many symptoms that made it impossible to function. I thought I was going to just drop and my life would be over. I would go to bed and say nearly every night that I didn’t want to die, out loud because I felt like speaking it out would convince the world to keep me. I was scared out of mind but I tried my best to keep it together.

I felt like I was a drug addict who was going through withdrawal. This is coming from a girl who does not drink, smoke or take drugs. I like to be in control so those have never appealed to me in the slightest and I suppose I have always thought that I have enough problems without adding any of those activities to my life.

I still can’t think about the first 8 months without cringing. Since then it hasn’t been pleasant but those first months took the cake.

  • Headaches of all kinds, light headaches, severe headaches, migraines.

There has been this never ending headache since I stopped taking yaz, granted it is no where near as bad as it use to be and there are days when it is barely there but other’s where I pull all the blinds closed and hope it doesn’t last too long due to how unbearable it feels. Some of the headaches have been brutal. I cringe just thinking about it.

20 months later and my headaches mostly get worse around my period or a hormone change but I do still have this light headache most of the time but I do believe there will come a time when it is no longer a problem and that will most likely be when my body reaches a balance and can function naturally again.

Since being on Yaz, and since stopping Yaz. I have never had so much paracetamol in my life. Even when comparing it to the anxiety headaches I got before I even started the contraception pill don’t compare to the torture Yaz has caused me. I haven’t taken it because I like taking it, it has been because of the non-stop headaches and pain since being on, and stopping the Yaz Contraception Pill. I have had a brain scan (MRI) so yes, inside my head is just the brain and everything that is suppose to be in there. I write down the date, time and dosage whenever I take it as I feel like it is necessary to keep track and make sure it keeps within the rules that apply when it comes to pain medication. I do not and refuse to take anything with codeine as I know it is addictive and considering my circumstances, it is not a problem I need. I constantly worry about my poor kidneys and liver but have had blood tests to keep an eye on them.

  • Pain in the back of head. – The Hormone Gland part of the brain. 

I believe I googled this awhile back and was looking up where the hormone part of the brain is as in the beginning I was having so much pain there that my neck was so tight it cracked when I moved my neck and gosh, it was so painful. This was during the first couple of months, I am not sure when it lessened but I am certain it was during the first 6-8 months after stopping the contraception pill.

Hormone Glands – Endocrine glands are glands of the endocrine system that secrete their products, hormones, directly into the blood rather than through a duct. The major glands of the endocrine system include the pineal gland, pituitary gland, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, hypothalamus and adrenal glands.” – Information from google. 

  • Sick to my stomach – Nausea

I felt sick to my stomach for a good six months after stopping yaz, I never threw up but gosh, I felt like it was right there in throat a lot of the time. Over the course of the last 20 months it has been on and off since that first six months. It seems to be more present during my period but there have been times were I have felt incredibly nauseous for a week at a time.

  • Dizzy Spells

Oh, the dizzy spells. This symptom would at times come out of no where and suddenly I would be sinking to the ground waiting for the room to stop spinning. There was a couple instances where I was awoken by the inside of my head going round and round. I had to learn to quickly relax my heart. I don’t know if this makes sense but I would get scared and my heart would race so I had to learn to focus and calm it as I was also nervous about a heart attack. Given my body was going through so much grief, I felt like that could have been a possibility so I taught myself to calm my racing heart and I would just wait for my head to stop spinning. Thankfully it didn’t last too long, a couple of minutes that at times felt like much longer.

  • Feeling Faint/Lightheaded

The first six months after I stopped taking Yaz, I felt faint and lightheaded more often then not. I had to learn to stand up slower, walk around slower because my brain couldn’t seem to catch up with my head. It wasn’t the normal if you get up too fast, your head gets heavy and dizzy. I was literally walking around with my hands out at times like an airplane because my head felt dizzy and the balance in my body was off. This was aggravating as I tend to speed walk around so I had to slow down out of necessity.

  • The Spins

There were a few nights that I was awakened by the room spinning. It was not a nice way to wake up and left me feeling quite scared. It would pass and I would fall asleep but it was so scary to wake up to a spinning room and not know why.

There were also a few times when I was overcome by this heavy weight of feeling tired. I would feel like lead weight and when I tried to stand the entire room spun. It did pass but it is not a nice experience to reflect on.

  • Hair Loss

During the first few months I noticed that I was losing more hair then what I would consider normal. Thankfully for me this side effect didn’t last very long, maybe a couple of months.

  • Acne

This surprised me, mostly because of where I was getting the acne. While I was getting a decent amount of acne of my face. It seemed it mostly affected my scalp. There was so many big, sore pimples on my scalp, the base of my neck and behind my ears that I had to be careful brushing my hair. This was present for around 12-15 months. I have noticed though, while there are still pimples, there aren’t that many thank goodness.

I also noticed I would get more pimples on my face, around my chin, forehead and upper cheeks around my period, or when I had a hormone spike.

  • Forgetful

I was literally walking into rooms forgetting what I went in there for, it was like being a fish, the thought was there, then it was gone. This symptom was mainly present when during the first 6-8 months when the headaches were unbearable.

  • Motor Skills effected – became butterfingers McGee

I am normally klutzy but this was on a whole new level. It has honestly felt at times that things just jump out of my hands. I think this may have something to do with my self-awareness which has also been way off during this experience.

  • Rapid Weight Gain

20kg in around two months was brutal. The stretch marks were huge and red because the weight had packed on so quickly. Going from a size 8-10 to a 12-14-16 in a mere two months has caused a lot of tears these last twenty months. While I believe the weight has protected my organs and cells from the toxins from Yaz, it has been hard to comes to terms with the change.

  • Tight Neck and Shoulder Muscles

Tiger balm has become my best friend since stopping Yaz. My neck and shoulder muscles have been so tightly wound that they actually cause me so much pain nearly every day. I have found though in the later months that there has been times when they haven’t been too tight and I haven’t had to use tiger palm which makes me think it has something to do with the toxins that my body to is trying to expel from my body.

  • Aching Teeth

My teeth would ache like I was going to get the flu or was lacking a vitamin or perhaps run down (not surprised about the being run down), sometimes they would ache for a couple days but thankfully this wasn’t a constant symptom.

  • Loss of Balance


  • Discharge


  • Irregular Periods

My periods were all over the place. There was no regularity to them at all.

  • Symptoms even worse during Periods

Periods have been hell, the hormones are hell, it makes every single symptom worse and it felt, and still feels like my body is exploding on overdrive. The headaches would be awful, both before the periods, during and unfortunately after. 7 days after a period the headache would just disappear like it had never been there at all. It just made everything worse, it made me dread periods because I knew what was coming.

There has also been no regularity to my periods, they have been all over the place. The first year was the worst as it was hard to even guess when it would make an entrance.

I have noticed nearly two years later, that the last couple of months that it has started to regulate again, other than one month where it came a week later than expected, it has started to get back into line. The headaches are still very present but hopefully in coming months that will also dial back a tone.

  • Severely Light Sensitive

Fluro Lights:

Fluro lights had never been a problem until I was taking Yaz and also when I stopped taking Yaz. They would set off panic and I would be fighting to keep standing. I looked so weird in shops that had fluro lights. I went into a chemist with mum and had to walk straight back out in a panic, feeling like my skin was about to burn off and I could hardly breathe. This set off a panic attack. When mum came back to the car she said she asked the lady at the counter if this was normal and the reply she got was asking if I was a drug addict.

Normal Lights:

Well normal lights didn’t do much for me either as my eyes were so sensitive I was walking around the stores with my sunglasses on. This was while I was taking Yaz. I haven’t gone out much since stopping Yaz, except for doctors appointments but for a long time, I would be sitting in the doctors office with my sunglasses on barely able to contain my panic from what I can only call a sensory overload.

The Sunlight:

I couldn’t go outside for a long time as the sunlight would cause dizziness, I would go lightheaded and feel like I was about to faint. I tried my best to go outside because I hoped some Vitamin D would help but alas it was not a smart move. Mum would at times convince me to go outside for a walk but it wouldn’t even get to five minutes before I would feel like fainting and I literally walked back inside with my arms out to the sides like an aeroplane to keep balance.

I thought this was such a weird symptom and my family didn’t understand it either. I was sitting inside, with the curtains closed and sunglasses on and I would still be squinting through them, grimacing against the brightness and headache that seemed never ending.

  • Heightened Senses

It was like my entire body was on sensory overload, even my pores felt open and alert. It is the most uncomfortable feeling having your entire body on alert.

  • Disorientation


  • Always felt thirsty even though I drank a ton of water each day


  • Bloated


  • Uncomfortable


  • Sweaty


  • Diarrhoea


  • Weepy


  • Foggy Brain


  • My Entire body would Feel like it was burning. It would get so hot it hurt.

Hot flushes would hurt, I would feel like I had been put on hot coals. My face would go bright red and my entire head would hurt. I would sip cold water to help cool my insides, not sure if it worked but it helped, or I felt that it did. The hot flushes would last anywhere between half an hour, to an hour and ouch, they were not pleasant.

  • Heart Palpitations

I remember saying to mum that my heart was racing but I wasn’t panicking which I thought was weird.

  • The back of my head hurt, the place where I am pretty sure the hormone part of the brain is.


  • Blurry Vision


  • Aching Muscles


  • Greasy Hair

I nearly wash my hair every day because it gets so unbelievably greasy, the morning after washing my hair, it looks as if I haven’t washed my hair for at least 3-5 days.

  • Anxious


  • Panic


  • On Edge


  • Exhaustion/Fatigue/Bone Tired

The first twelve months were beyond any tired I have ever felt, it was this bone deep tired that I felt sluggish and brain tired most of the time. I hate taking naps and most of the time refuse too because I know it will infer with sleeping through the night but I could have easily fallen asleep standing up. I would cry because I would feel so heavy with fatigue and exhaustion.

20 months later and while I do still at times feel that same bone tired, it isn’t a frequent as it was during those twelve months. In saying that I am still quite tired most days but it doesn’t feel like that overwhelmingly uncomfortable not being able to move feeling.

  • Frightened of Being Alone

I was terrified to be alone, alone with my body because with every symptom I was slammed with I was afraid there would be one to take me out and no one around to help me in case I couldn’t help myself. I was petrified for a good 12 months after stopping yaz.

  • Popping Ears/Blocked ears

There was a couple months back when my ears would constantly block and pop. It was an awful feeling not being able to hear properly but thankfully this symptom has been here and there, rather than a constant.

  • No Concentration / Easily Distracted / Forgetful


  • Sensitive


  • Sensitive to Sound

Everything was loud. I could hear every sound and the loud sounds made my ears hurt and I am pretty sure what I classed as loud sounds was actually regular sound, like the volume on the TV etc

I have noticed the last couple of months that my ears have nearly returned to normal as every sounds seems to be the normal loudness, it doesn’t seem overbearing anymore.

  • Sensitive to Touch


  • Dry Eyes

My eye balls have been so dry these past months that I feel like they could easily squeak when I move them around, they don’t but they’ve been incredibly that I have often have to use eye drops for tired and gritty eyes.


I have found that going to bed with a heat pack for my neck and a wet face washer (cold water) for my head has helped with some of the pain management during this process.


Updated: December 29th 2017

Months since stopping Yaz: 22 Months.


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